Kelebek will be your closest partner with its vast experience proved by over 8.000 special projects it has substantiated worldwide, thanks to its team work understanding, professional approach, and timing skills.

Apart from home furniture, Kelebek also provides service in the field of special projects in areas that require expertise, including house and hotel projects; kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, coat-room and built-in cabinet solutions in Turkey and abroad. All the decoration and furnishing applications of major projects are also carried out by Kelebek. With the strength it takes from the giant projects it carried out, Kelebek contributes to the Turkey’s wealth and goes on to increase its target level even higher.

Kelebek renders big-scale projects also difference-making ones and presents projects to lead the prominent construction firms in our country to the future, thanks to its technological equipment and experienced personnel. Let your projects be in reliable hands of Kelebek, with our immense experience of more than 80 years, our professional personnel, knowledge and quality understanding, and our detailed solutions.

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